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Light-signal armature

Fittings light-signal SP22-L..., ST22-L.... SPAMEL, Poland. The best prices
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Svetoarmatura ST22 - L …, SP22 - L …. productions "SPAMEL" Complete alarm indicator bulbs. Colors of a luminescence - blue, white, red, green, yellow. Supply voltages - 12B, 24B - AC - DC, 110B - 220B, DC, 230 V, the EXPERT. Other supply voltages are possible. The radiating element - REPLACEABLE -...
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The fittings are light-signal light-emitting diode, small-sized. SPAMEL, Poland. The best prices
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57 UAH
LLC ELEKTRO - SVIT delivers LED light - signal fittings for various devices of indication. LED fittings - light - signal bulbs - are delivered three standard sizes - on diameters of the radiating element - 5 mm (an assembly opening to dia. 10 mm), 10 mm (assembly otv. 13 mm), 20 mm (assembly otv....
Group: Light-signal armature
Two and three-colored LED small-sized fittings, 5 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm, SPAMEL, Poland.
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We deliver two or the three - colored alarm bulbs having two primary colors of a luminescence (red and green) and three colors of a luminescence - red and green and the third - yellow. Primary colors – red, green LED fittings - light - signal bulbs - are delivered three standard sizes - on...
Group: Light-signal armature


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